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Surprise! Downtown is Yuppies

Everything is turning up yuppie in the New Downtown. A report commissioned by the Downtown Center BID shockingly reveals that the average downtown resident is young and rich and single and well-educated. Goodbye poor people!

More than half of downtown dwellers live alone. Their median age is 31, and the median income was $99,600 last year, up 3 percent from the median of $96,300?Approximately 28,900 people now live downtown, which is a 21% population increase since 2004. Most of these people live in some sort of trendy loft, but it’s unclear whether this number includes the homeless who frequently get dumped here. We’re guessing no. Downtown is now awaiting the presence of the ubiquitous twin stroller for those trendy couples.
· Report: More Young Families Moving to Downtown [NBC4]