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Friday Morning Thinkage

A couple of questions that don't quite fit into our normal Rumblings & Bumblings format, therefore we offer them up here. Please type in your wits & smarts into our helpful comment box and help a fellow reader out. Thanks.

(image via Google Image search: "Urban Planner")

1) Urban Planner Wannabe: A reader wants to tell architects where to stick things.

i'm interested in urban planning and thinking about going back to school for it. know of any local groups i might want to get involved with to try and gain a little experience? the few places i've contacted don't seem too keen on my help." 2) Need a Home: Another reader is facing a housing dilemma and looking for guidance. "dear curbed, you guys seem to know what's up. i need to move asap.

i would like to buy, but am unsure. renting a different place doesn't seem that great either.

i have lived in echo park for seven years and missed the boat on cheap digs. now i'm thinking glassell park, or mt. washington. what's your take?"

Answers appreciated.