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Rowena Reservoir Needs A Hug

Dream a little dream, Rowena Reservoir. The Los Feliz Ledger dares to ponder the possibility that the reservoir--which borders Silver Lake and Los Feliz--could one day become open to the public. Could happen! But first, all that high voltage electrical equipment around the site would have to be removed and a plan to keep out bathers is needed. (No brainer: put electrical wiring in reservoir.)

Originally a five-acre lake, the reservoir's 10-million gallon underground tank supplies water to Silver Lake, East Hollywood and East Los Angeles. But unlike prettier sister Silver Lake Reservoir, Rowena gets no love. "Motorists driving by the reservoir hardly know it is there. From the vantage of a car’s driver’s seat, all that can be seen is the the green fence with forbidding signage," notes the Ledger. We heart you, RR!
· Rowena Reservoir: Is Public Access Possible? [Los Feliz Ledger]