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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: That's Parking!

We have answers to Wednesday's questions. Thanks to the readers who chimed in and created what we like to call an "online community". For next week, we are taking questions at C u Tuesday.

1) North Hollywood: The NoHo tower sits awaiting occupants to bustle around on the inside. What's the hold up? Commenter MJ says: "I had heard the NoHo Towers, the tallest residential building in the Valley, was held back because of tax benefits to the developer delivering it in 2007 vs. 2006. But I drove past it today and there doesn't seem to be any activity on site. The project does look done except for some work on the windows on the ground retail component. So no idea why it isn't occupied. Lawsuits perhaps?"

2) Above Sunset/Hollywood Hills/Bird Streets: Well, we made a tortuous trek to the Garagemahal this morning. It really is hideously large. Turning onto Doheny, it immediately dominated the landscape. We took some snaps of the garage (one above, more after the jump). A neighbor emails in: "As someone who lives up the street, I can tell you that the garagemahal is still under construction; the site is still spilling into the street, and it's workers still blocking traffic whenever the hell they please (though not as much as before). I hope the owner goes bankrupt." Also, since the neighborhood has many names, may we suggest it get an official designation, now offered through the City of Los Angeles web site [PDF]. Perhaps, Garagemahalia?

3) Santa Monica: Finally, commenters in the comments say the Archstone Santa Monica will open by the end of February/beginning of March. Rents make our skin bleach. A one-bed/one bath, 525 s.f. apartment goes for $1,885/month. If you need more space, you can check out other rents here. No word on ground floor commercial