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Eater Tastings: Spotting S. Irene

Oh, no, thank you. We're stuffed. Really. We couldn't eat another bite. Oh, well, maybe just a taste. Thanks, Eater. Image from Eater LA flickr pool by user colin.brown.

1) We already knew Ilan would win, but Eater just wouldn't let it go. More Top Chef coverage than you can shake a spatula at.

2) Eater puts down her fork and picks up her binoculars. New sport: stalking S. Irene Virbilia at All' Angelo.

3) Silver Lake already has artisanal ice cream, artisanal cheese, and artisanal wine. Up next: artisanal coffee. Hehe, we just said "anal" four times. We're also 12.

4) We haven't been excited about a new bar opening in LA, since, well, ever. Until the Edison. We can't wait to sit inside that old boiler room. If we can figure out what hours the place is actually open.