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Funky Monday Listing

We're on reduced schedule today, so please check back every 15 minutes to note how our posting is uber-light.

Ooh! Whimsy in Burbank. And we thought it was an all consuming battle of horse people and Whole Foodies in the unhappy burg. However, there are apparently other neighborhoods with homes that have risen above it all, such as this home, which has taken touches of Toon Town out of Disneyland and incorporated them into a pink and white, cartoony "country cottage" with 3 beds/2.5 cartoony baths.

...guest house over the garage, “Toon Town” look a like tree-house, pool/spa/waterfall, outdoor ranch style room barbecue, 7300 sq ft lot, driveway with tiled mosaic stream leading to custom fairy tale gate. We're guessing this is the home of a Disney employee or your crazy Aunt Beatrice with the 12 cats. Now it can be yours. Retail Price: $1,195,000.
· 704 VIEW DR, BURBANK, CA 91501 [TheMLS]