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Asians Taking Over Supermarkets Too

Wow. Our supermarket world is going topsy-turvy. First, the Brits invade with the Tesco's now we learn that the Asians are also expanding their grocery empire around Southern California. Via a report in the Press-Enterprise, it appears that the movement of an Asian supermarket into Chino Hills has upset whiteys locals worried about an oncoming onslaught of Asian oriented businesses and people, with more traffic and funny languages that aren't English. At stake, they feel, is their very community.

"It will turn into another Rowland Heights," said Carolyn Matta, 67, referring to the unincorporated community 35 miles west of Riverside where the population is 55 percent Asian. "We're not going to be welcomed in our neighborhood." Supporters said the store sells fresh seafood, produce and specialty items that can't be found elsewhere. The complaints smack of racism and ignorance, some of them said.

The Tawa Supermarket chain is planning to open a 99 Ranch Market in a space vacated by Ralph's to meet the demand of a growing Asian population in the Inland Empire. Other chains plan to follow, but are being met with resistance by locals who, as a Cal State professor notes, fear the demise of their NASCAR loving culture. It's unfair to label all critics as bigoted, but some of the criticisms probably are driven by an underlying anti-Asian sentiment, said Cal State Sacramento's [professor Timothy Fong]. The sentiment is rooted in a fear that Latinos are taking over culture and Asians are taking over the economy, he said.

Learn to love the rice, noodles and beans, we say. It's good stuff.
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