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Curbed LA Advice Column

Two readers have asked us to opine on a few matters around town this morning. We always love a chance to give our opinion.

What are your thoughts on this 1.7 Ocean development in Costa Mesa, CA? Rehabbed houses from the 50's, 850 sq ft, 2bd, 1bath, 1garage... 519-599K. 6 have sold, 6 are still available. Might I mention on the other side of the wall is a trailer park. Is it worth it?

Dear Trailer Park Trepidation, $500-some thousand for a house seems like a bargain these days. We had to catch ourselves from exclaiming, “Oh that is so CHEAP!” Anyway, we rather like this little development in the OC. Rather than knocking down the old houses and building mcmansions to the lot lines, the developer reused the old houses. They’re in an area of the city that’s already developed, and they are modest in scale. Unless you prefer a sprawling tract development where every house has a three-car garage and you have to commute 50 miles each way, what’s not to like about this? As for the trailer park, it could be much worse: you could be in the I.E.

For the love of Hollywood, can you please address the stupid outdoor campaign for the Oscars, featuring quotes from award winning films? I swear to god, they literally pull out the same exact posters every single year!!! Do they really think they're being edgy by putting cliche quotes from Gone With The Wind? They want to attract a younger
audience, but they use a quote from Sunset Boulevard?

Dear Angry at AMPAS, we’re sure that you know how much we love a cliché, especially on a billboard. Like it or not, billboards are an integral part of LA city life, but we agree that those billboards take trite to a new level. As if we need more reminders around this city that it is run by Hollywood. Edgy? No. Self-important and self-aggrandizing? Absolutely.