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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Not Many

We've noticed everyone has been in a pissy mood as of late. Is it Valentine's Day? No love? We were yelled at by an architect yesterday. Dude! Just put the f'ing FAR on the site plan. How hard is it? But we digress. We have a few answers to some questions from earlier. Please email us at with your questions, answers or updates.

(image via flickr user a n i o w)

1) Downtown: The Staples Center is not being converted to condos as of last check. However, there are plenty of development going in around the Staples Center. For example, one of our wonderful advertisers The South Group has several South Park developments. You should click on the red banner thing and check it out.

2) Marina del Rey: Condos. Apartments. Whatevs. The project at Maxella and Lincoln goes on, according to commenter Marina Pro. "RE: Maxella & Lincoln: Hogwash! The development deal that wraps around the 76 station and takes out Marie Calenders, Kinko's, Chan Darette & TGIF is moving forward. The developer who pulled out got cold feet about the condo market. It will now be done as apartments."

That was great. More email questions for next week please!