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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Posh Goes House Hunting Again

Its Friday, so we're going to try to get a jump on the LA Times' Hot Property column this week. Besides, its been awhile since we've had a mention of Posh and Becks on the site.

1) Beckingham Palace: the search continues. Thisislondon reports Posh is back in town and house hunting/eating at the Ivy/toying with the paparazzi again. This time, Posh checked out the very classy, lion-flanked villa seen above, as well as a £7.5 million home that once belonged to another brit, DJ Chris Evans and a villa near Britney Spears' gated complex. Posh keeps Becks in the loop with pictures of the homes on her mobile phone but so far, no dice. They haven't found anything in LA that yet meets their exacting standards.

2) Hit her with your best shot: Pat Benatar just bought a nice chunk of property in Malibu. According to Big Time Listings, Pat and her husband just paid $1.67 million to buy almost 10 acres on Pacific View Drive, which has, um, views of the Pacific (natch) as well as the city lights. The property already has a two-bedroom cabin on the property, but comes with plans for a 3,400 square foot Mediterranean-style house with a pool. This is the third property the Benatars have owned in Malibu.

3) Now this is interesting: Before Posh and Becks were BFF with TomKat, Posh was BFF (and it was rumored, possibly more) with hip hop producer Damon Dash. While the Becks look for a property in LA, Damon is putting his Benedict Canyon home on the market for the relatively modest price of $3,795,000. Could this be the house the Becks have dreamed of? With only 4 bedrooms and a lack of green space for Brooklyn and Romeo to prance around, probably not. But it still would have made for some delicious celebrity real estate incestuousness.

4) We had no idea Dr. Carter had such good taste. Noah Wyle, formerly of ER, just sold his Paul Williams-designed house in Los Feliz for $4,225,000, about $170,000 below his asking price. Of course, he still made a tidy profit since he bought the house in 2003 for $2,512,500. The house was bought by a non-celebrity couple, so now we've lost interest.