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Eater Tastings: More Shirtless Chef Pics Please

I'll have a tall half-caf latte on the fly, please. Skim milk and a light dusting of nutmeg. No wait. Maybe I'll have an iced tall half-caf, one-and-a-half pump, classic doppio with cream. No, hold on a second. I'll have a double-tall half-caf non-fat mocha. Actually, just a coffee. Black. Picture from Eater LA Flickr Pool

1) No one can tell if the Catalina Club is for sale. Not even its owner.

2) Dear Eater LA: please give us more pictures of Ludovic Lefebvre shirtless. And Wet. And holding large, somewhat phallic-looking fish. Oh, he's a good chef too? Whatevs. We're just interested in more cheesecake.

3) Why do we get the feeling Marilyn Manson would feel at home at the newly re-opened Table 8? It's so damn dark.

4) Not everyone loves Pinkberry. And Pinkberry employees definitely don't love you.

5) Can Zagat really take on Chowhound? They're gonna try.

6) Didn't Sartre once say hell is other people? More specifically, hell is other people who were once on a basic cable reality TV show and believe you want to hear their voice guide you through your wine selection. Seriously, Worst. Idea. Ever.

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