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Flip That House/ Loft: Families Wanted

Have you said to yourself, "Hey. My crazy ass-backwards family would make good TV drama. And we really like to flip properties. Too bad there isn't a program about us." Well now there is. And you don't have to be dysfunctional to be featured. TLC is looking for families to be featured on its Family Flip show. You know the premise. You buy a place on the cheap, fix it up, and sell it to someone else for a hefty payoff. All condensed in TV time to a 30-minute segment.

And for you singlets in Downtown, TLC is also looking for participants for its Flip that Loft spin-off special. After having watched hours of Flip that House, may we suggest having a budget larger than the cost of a new washer/dryer set. If you're interested please contact Clyde Burley at 310.202.1272 or email us and we'll hook you up.

Oh yeah, Eater is also advertising for a participant for the Flip that Restaurant special. Synergy is a lovely thing.