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Still Chopping: Dr. Phil's Losing It

(picture of Dr. Phil's house and Michael McDonald as Dr. Phil from MadTV)

Updating on our post from last month about Dr. Phil's price chop on his Warbler Way home, we have to sadly report on yet another chop. As of last week, the home lost another $241,000 from the original asking price. But don't feel too sad for Dr. Phil. As commenter alex the sea turtle noted from our last post, the home was purchased for a measly $2,375,000 in April 2004. We think he should go a lot lower, and settle around $2,500,000 to make the house more palatable. But our terrible advice is for entertainment purposes only, just like Dr. Phil's.
Price Reduced: 11/30/06 -- $4,199,000 to $3,990,000
Price Reduced: 02/09/07 -- $3,990,000 to $3,749,000
· 9304 WARBLER WAY, Sunset Strip - Hollywood Hills West, CA 90069 [Zip Realty]