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More Trendy Hotels Coming Our Way

A hotel isn’t just a hotel any more. They all seem to have a gimmick: “boutique,” “extended-stay,” “hip,” “style-on-a-budget.” As we learned from a press release sent to us, there’s more of that coming to LA from developer Palisades Development Group, who is giving us the “boutique urban lodge.”

Palihouse West Hollywood, a new concept in urban, boutique, long-stay hotel and residences, and Custom Hotel, a 250-room, design-driven hotel geared towards savvy, budget-conscious travelers, will both open their doors in summer 2007.
Under the Palihouse brand, the firm is planning four boutique urban lodges - in West Hollywood, Hollywood, Venice and Palm Springs – that will be comprised of a mix of fully furnished, fully serviced, condominium homes and oversized hotel suites suitable for extended stays replete with destination food and beverage venues. Located in some of the most exciting and desirable neighborhoods in and around Los Angeles, Palihouse will offer boutique, high-style urban living. Each Palihouse will propose a different, uniquely Californian experience and will be defined by service, contemporary style, convenience and a flair for the unexpected.
That b.s. marketing language just kills us. What is a California experience? Anyway, the Palihouse West Hollywood will be at located at 8465 Holloway Drive and will be comprised of “37 serviced and fully furnished homes and guest suites,” or hotel rooms for the rest of us. The Custom Hotel will be located at the southwest corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Manchester Avenue in Westchester; it used to be the Furama Hotel. It will include equally trendy features.