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CurbedWire: Wilshire and Vermont

(picture taken by hereinvannuys)

Development: The project at Wilshire and Vermont has generated a throng (two) of emails to our amazingly full inbox. What y'all are apparently telling us is that the project is ready to lease. One emailer says: "looks like the complex at wilshire/vermont is set to open partially april 15 with the rest of the units coming online around may 15th. I'd love to get a chance to actually look around inside but it seems like they don't want to allow anyone inside yet. I'd be curious to know if anyone has any leads as to what retail is going in at the ground level."

Development: The other emailer, who may be the brother of the emailer above, also chimes in on Wilshire and Vermont project. "... they have also begun taking applications for the 90 affordable apartments available there. Pre-qualification applications will only be accepted via US Mail for fourteen (14) days, and must be postmarked from the US Postal Service from February 8, 2007 through February 21, 2007. A small window, so it would be great if you could get the word out for people who might be interested in throwing their hat in the lottery." We hope those of you in desperate need of affordable housing, who also read this site, get a loft in this development.