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Other Cities Kicking Our Ass

Following the rumble with Chicago, now comes word that Houston is challenging us over wifi. Yesterday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa held a press conference announcing LA's plan for a wireless network of 400 square miles. The largest citywide wireless network in the country, crowed our mayor! Not so fast. Later in the day Houston announced its citywide wireless plan that would cover 600 square miles.

How did we respond? Perhaps by announcing, hey, we'd tack on an extra 220 miles? Show that punk city Houston? No, we conceded defeat. But at least showed off that we can, uhm, count. "If they are 600 square miles, they are larger," Villaraigosa spokeswoman Janelle Erickson told the Daily Breeze.
· LA Reveals Public Wifi Idea [Daily Breeze]