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Supermarket Roundabout: Tesco Enviro

(image courtesy of the Financial Times)

Tesco continues to face challenges in getting its Riverside operations going, according to a report in the Press- Enterprise. Our crazy California land use regulations and that whole CEQA thing seem to have caused a hiccup in the plans. But don't be deterred, Tesco. We look forward to you filling the retail void Trader Joe's refuses to fill.

Tesco will also make its own footprint in the field of green. Continuing on this week's theme of being environmentally friendly (Curbed staffers are enthusiastically composting this week -ed.), Tesco's Fresh & Easy store format will incorporate solar panels at some locations, bicycle racks, and modified refrigerators to reduce power consumption. And just so nobody gets confused, the store will also bathe itself in green. Via the Financial Times:

Tesco’s enthusiasm for the colour out-greens both Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats, the more upmarket leading US organic and natural grocers. Green also dominates on Tesco’s US corporate website, and colours the new business cards of its US executives.

Tesco says the US store format “is dedicated to environmentally friendly business practices”.

Eat that Trader Joe's. As reported earlier, we've identified the first Southland store to open as being located in Glendora. However, when that might be, we have no idea.
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