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New Prefab in Venice

Calling all prefab and eco-friendly junkies. Green architect Jennifer Siegel and her Office of Mobile Design just completed a Swellhouse at 334 Brooks in Venice.

The Swellhouse combines earth-friendly technologies with cost-effective prefabrication methods. Using a panelized system of parts, the Swellhouse streamlines the building process and reduces site waste associated with traditional construction.Though the house was sight-built, it stayed true to the prefab canon using an extensive modular grid system and [prefabricated] Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s). The grid system and exposed steel columns created an open yet ordered live-work space, while the SIP’s enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation.We’re still waiting for an invitation to see it.
· Prefab Friday: Office of Mobile Design's New Swellhouse [Inhabitat]