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CurbedWire: Obsessions and Addictions

Restaurants: A reader traipsing about downtown spots a Pinkenberry on the loose. "Yesterday I saw a sign for a new Pinkberry that's opening downtown. It's going in on 2nd Street, just east of San Pedro St. The location isn't listed on its website yet, but there's a sign in the window. Looks like they might do some remodeling first, but I didn't get a very close look at it. Mmm... Pinkberry..."

Development: So the big bad John Laing Homes Urban project coming to Hollywood & La Brea has its very own obsessive fan, and this time it's not us. Say hello to the Madrone. "Madrone Watch 07. Yes, I have too much time on my hands." The reader's flickr page has more pics. The project looks amazing.

Development: What was the description you readers used for Victor on Venice? The Old Gray Lady or the Titanic or something. Oh wait, it's the Fortress of Grayitude. Seems some naughtiness has been taking place at the Fortress, per a reader:"My co-worker lives at the Victor on Venice Blvd and said a tenant was just busted for having a meth lab...some Asian lady. Also she took people's FedEx tags and claimed the packages for herself. The Victor has break-ins, co-worker's G5 computer was stolen. Scheisty!"