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Rumblings & Bumblings: Two of Hearts

We find ourselves here again. Alone, with you. On the day before Valentine's Day. You make us feel special. Please email us at and tell us your secrets. We promise we'll post on Thursday.

UPDATE: Pete, of comments fame, has an update to a previous R&B. "A few months back an R&B determined that the construction site on the south side of Olympic just east of Bundy was to be yet another self-storage facility. Well, not quite--it turns out that there are two separate sites, and while one will be self-storage, the other will be a multilevel retail center anchored by a new Bed Bath & Beyond to replace the one a block away. With the newish Linens-N-Things a mile east at Sawtelle, the West Los Angeles/ Sawtelle area should have all the domestic accessories it will ever need--at least until a Container Store opens up."

and the new stuff...

1) Downtown: We love one sentence emails like this. Enough to make us pause in wonderment. "I am trying to find out how to get some information on the staples center condos that will be built"

2) Marina del Rey: Ahoy! More development confusion from the Marina. "one of the commenters in last week's R&B mentioned that the mixed-use development at maxella and lincoln in the marina was canceled (i assume they mean the expansion of the villa marina marketplace with first floor retail under condos/apts.). they said the developers pulled out 'cause they saw a glut of development in the marina and that the retail spaces whose tenants were evicted are back up for rent again. can we get more info on this? i can't find anything online about it and it doesn't look like it's being leased again as i drive by."