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Top Chef Loser Goes Downtown

The Wearstler is leaving us sorely disappointed with her underwhelming bitchiness on Bravo's Top Design. It's just a bit boring. We're left to reflect on the lameness that was Season 2 of Top Chef and that idiot Stephen, the wine sommelier, from Top Chef, Season 1. Both have generated some emails today. First, a reader emails us the linkage to a post by celebrity chef/author Anthony Bourdain, providing a rundown of the contestants on Season 2. Our favorite take: "Betty: Forget about. Very limited skills--and it showed."

But we're not a food or TV blog, so ignore that. Also, our sister Eater reports that Stephen Asprinio, of Top Chef, Season 1, will be opening a wine bar (surprised??) Downtown. His wine bar, Tastevin (is it pronounced "Taste Stevin", cause that's gross) will open this summer, and will cater to the yuppie crowd now residing in Northeast LA where they gripe about the lack of cheese. Whine with your cheese?