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Boom Boom Room Hanging On for Dear Life

After a three month signature drive, organizers of the “Save the Boom” campaign collected more than 6,000 signatures. The organizers will present the signatures to the Laguna Beach City Council tonight in an effort to keep alive one oldest and last vestiges of hedonism, debauchery, and reckless abandon for gays in Laguna: the Boom Boom Room. After the property was sold in 2005, the owner agreed to keep the bar open for a year, but now its future is uncertain. Organizers are hoping that they will convince the City Council to require a “gay lifestyle” exaction out of the owner of the property.

[Petition organizer] Krager said he hopes the City Council – which approves permits on developments – will work out a compromise with the new owner to maintain the gay-friendly atmosphere.
Krager cites the Montage as an example, where the city required the developer to hand over open space and keep beach access open to the public.
"We're looking for a similar thing. We're not looking for a property exchange, we're looking for a lifestyle exchange," Krager said.
We knew those gays had an agenda.
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