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CurbedWire: Pretty, Pretty Colors for SM Garage

[Picture Credit: LA Frog]

Parking: We showed you the new Santa Monica parking garage slated to open at the end of this month last week. Now, courtesy of LA Frog, we present it to you at night (pictured above). We heart neon.

Housing: LA-based Lowe Enterprises scoops up the 100-unit Helix at University Village in Pomona for $15 million. It was built back in the halcyon real estate days of 2006, and serves mostly graduate students at Western University of Health Sciences.

Environment: Has Bush gone green? Congestion pricing has worked pretty well in London and Singapore, can the US be far behind? According to the Christian Science Monitor, "President Bush wants to give $305 million to cities and states to come up with ways to charge drivers for traveling at peak traffic."

Mapping: LA Brain Terrain points us towards her Historical Hollywood map on Platial. Th map currently shows the locations for all the major and minor film studios during the Golden Age of the studio system. Up next: "I plan to augment it with sites of debauchery from the '70s." Hey, that combines two of our favorite things - debauchery and 70's movies. Yes!