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Greening LA One Roof At A Time

(image via Inhabitat)

As part of the City's efforts to go green and become less pollutey, one of the ideas bandied about has been the creation of a green roof program. Things seem to be moving forward in this effort according to City documents. One of the major centerpiece projects will be a green roof on the lower wings of City Hall. The City has invited green roofing company Sarnafil, responsible for the green roof on Chicago's City Hall, to take a look at our much better City Hall and see what can be done. Estimates for a green roof with trees, shrubs, and ground cover with irrigation over the lower wings reach approximately $1 million. The City is also looking at implementing an Ordinance similar to Tokyo's roof garden program that would place rooftop gardens on the roofs of municipal structures around the City. If that's not sustainable enough for you, WorldChanging reports on Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley's recent speech about the City's attempts to shrink its environmental footprint with bike lanes, renewable energy sources and better toilets.