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Eater Tastings: Save the Frozen Farms

Oy gevalt! We almost forgot to post our weekly Eater Tastings. Here, consider this is little forshpeis. Eat, eat. You're too skinny.

1) Joe Miller, of Joe's Restaurant in Venice, is moving slightly north and trying out a new cuisine, spanish tapas, with his new Santa Monica restaurant Bar Pinxto.

2) Downtown continues its ascent as the white-hot, retina-burning core of LA's new nightlife. Further proof: the "dress rehearsals" for Tatou.

3) Seiously, how do we get on the list for the Edison? We're not kidding. Psst, Andrew Meieran, call us.

4) Wolfgang Puck might be bored. Suzanne Goin, however, is not.

5) If you plan on eating this weekend, and we hope you do, might as well chow down to benefit the farmer's who lost their crops in last month's deep freeze.