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Chinatown Getting into the Mix

In order to make sure that Chinatown is catching up to the rest of downtown yuppie invasion, the City Council fast-tracked the approval of a new mixed-use development at 900 N. Broadway. The Blossom Plaza project will give hipster?er?. “Chinese” residents a cultural plaza that links to the Gold Line Station, two residential towers with 149 condominiums (luxury/loft status unknown), 400,000 sq. feet of retail and commercial space, and parking galore (to negate any an potential appeal of actually using the Gold Line). Construction will begin in about a year and completion is expected by the time we’ve gone completely grey. Though, after looking in the mirror this morning, that may not be too far off.
Reyes Moves $150 Million Chinatown Mixed-Use Project [CD1 Press Release]