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Women Deaf to Housing Bubble's Approach

The OC Register flames the bubble fears by publishing stats from the Experian-Gallup Personal Credit Index survey that came out today.

47 percent of people believe a housing bubble and collapse of housing prices is very likely (16 percent) or somewhat likely (31 percent) in their local residential market within the next three years. That's a five percent rise from last year. People in the West are most worried about a bubble (52 percent) while the Midwest is less bothered (41 percent).

Rich people with more money (households making $75,000 or more) are less scared (42 percent) than poor people about a collapse of housing prices.

18 percent think the average price of houses in their local area actually will decrease over the next year.

More facts from the survey: One in every two adults say they have heard of the housing bubble, though only 19 percent have heard a great deal about it. And men are more likely than women to say they have heard a great deal about the housing bubble. · 47 percent think bursting housing bubble a 'coming [OC]
· Experian/Gallup [Experian Gallup Poll]