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Northeast LAers: Bring Me My Tillamook Cheese

The Superior Super Warehouse in Highland Park has been open for a little over a month, but some posters to the NortheastLA listserv have already given up on their local grocery store. Besides a slight language barrier between employees and customers, one poster notes the lack of such essentials as Tillamook cheese and Lucerne Yogurt. The poor lot has to drive to South Pasadena, Silver Lake or Lincoln Heights to get their basics. Oh, the humanity. The main complaint has been that Superior is failing to live up to its promises from when it first proposed to open in the former Albertson's space at Ave 43 and Figueroa. One poster writes:

I do my best to avoid 'our' SSW. It shouldn't be that way, I live on Museum Drive ferchrissakes but I refuse to leave my neighborhood and spend my money outside L.A. The Gelsons in Silverlake is great, but being forced to drive to Silverlake for groceries?

"Superior" LIED. Maybe that doesn't mean much in Washington D.C. but I'll be damned if they are going to get away with it here. I attended the meeting at Ramona Hall where Paul Evleth and other concerned neighbors showed the results of the SSW poll they took the time to conduct and compile. Superior's lip service gave every indication that they were sensitive to our concerns and wished to provide a 'quality' market. They even cited their Hacienda Heights store as an example. What a load. Bring on the Tesco! Tillamook cheese for everyone.
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