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Open House Tour: West Hollywood Edition

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If you're going to hit up some open houses this beautiful weekend, you could do a lot worse than heading to West Hollywood, where some very pretty and probably over-priced homes await your critique. And FYI: Prices on the MLS for West Hollywood homes currently range from $699,00-$1.99 million. On the way back from house snooping, stop at The Griddle and eat a pancake as big as your head!

Location: 8835 Betty Way
Size: 2-bedroom, 1 bath
Price: $774,000
Pitch: "Price reduction !! Seller Motivated !!!! Spanish bungalow on quiet cul-de-sac street. "
Open House: Sunday, 1-4pm

Location: 9008 Elevado St.
Size: 2-bedroom, 2 bath
Price: $885,000
Pitch: “Mediterranean home nestled amidst stately palms in classic Norma Triangle neighborhood, convenient to just about everything. “
Open House: Sunday, 1-4 pm

Location: 520 North Flores
Size: 3-bedroom, 2-bath
Price: $939,000
Pitch: " Zoned R3 in prime West Hollywood!!! Located close to hip shops and restaurants. Gated entrance and enchanting front garden area."
Open House: Sunday, 1-4 pm

Location: 9015 Dorrington Avenue
Size: 2-bedroom, 2-bath
Price: $1.95 million
Pitch: “Gorgeous Spanish home in the best West Hollywood neighborhood.”
Open House: Sunday, 1-4 pm