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Inglewood Residents Angry Gated Community Life Not As Pleasant As Promised

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“I didn’t expect to buy a house in a gated development for $600,000 and have a family member have to park outside on the streets." That's one unhappy resident of the Renaissance Homes, a gated community covering 37 acres in Inglewood. According to the Wave, things have gone down the crapper at Renaissance, which is located at 90th Street, between Prairie Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard: residents can only park two cars in the garages of their four- and five-bedroom homes so many residents have to park on the street outside the development; there are drainage problems; not enough street lighting; and one of the entrances is protected by a padlock, not a strong gate. Residents purchased the homes two years ago for between $500,000-$700,000; the development was built by Watt Communities, MKB and John Laing Homes, all three of whom didn't get back to the Wave to comment on the unpleasantness. [Image of Renaissance Homes via Las Vegas]
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