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Lincoln Heights: Lacy Studio Lofts Allegedly Ready

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If the press release heading, "Spacious new lofts transform blighted properties into artistic nexus," should be believed, then the new live/work lofts at 2664 Lacy Street in Lincoln Heights will be ground zero for eastside LA painters, sculptors, writers and the like.

If not, then is it safe to believe any other claim about Lacy Studio Lofts? Like how the 45 units include exposed brick, spiral staircases and patios with BBQ pits. Or how they sit a block north of the Gold Line station. (With no mention of being in the shadow of the 5-110 interchange.) Good thing there's no estimate of square footage. Bring a tape measure.
· Lacy Studio Lofts to Open in December [PR Newswire]
· $2,750 Lacy Studio Lofts - (1) free month rent [Craigslist]