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Loungin' at LAX: Bradley Terminal Gets a Makeover

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[Images of LAX Lounge provided by Gensler Architects]

Everyone knows LAX is sort of a dump (although sometimes a charming one), for a major airport in a global city. So it's good to know the powers-that-be are investing a little in aesthetics for the Tom Bradley Terminal. Via our inbox comes news that weary (first and business class) travelers are now be treated to lots of walnut wood partitions and mid-century-ish leather chairs:

The 10 travelers lounges in the [Tom Bradley International] terminal have been consolidated into four new lounges. Gensler designed the oneworld lounge for oneworld Alliance, which includes Qantas, Cathay Pacific and British Airways. Other oneworld members can use the lounge, but they didn't contribute to its design and construction, so they have to pay for each traveler who enters. The lounge cost around $4 million.

Allegedly, the old lounges were pretty tiny and pretty rundown. The consolidation and renovation is part of an overall makeover - planned and designed by Leo Daly, I believe - to help LAX deal with the fact that many international carriers were skipping LA in favor of SFO because Tom Bradley, which was crappy when it opened and has only had modest and ineffective upgrades over the years.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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