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Reader Report: Inside Hollywood's Seventy 46

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By now, frequent readers know we have a soft spot in our darkened, withered hearts for Deco-era adaptive reuse in Hollywood (and elswhere). So when a reader writes in a report on one of those offices-cum condo conversion-cum rentals (hello, housing slump!) we're happy to relay his first impressions on one of the better looking buildings on Hollywood Boulevard (even if the first half of his report sounds a bit too much like PR puffery):

CIM owned building, 7046 Hollywood Blvd is now finally leasing. Built in 1925, which housed Ronald Reagan's presidential SAG office. This building has been a work in progress for almost 2 years now. Originally the project started as Condos for sale. Upon completion, CIM opted to lease the units. What this means to the renter is that all the units are at Condo specifications. I took a tour four weeks ago, which at that time they had already leased all the Studios on the top floor..merely one week into opening its antique doors. Studios start at $1700 and 1bds start at $1800. The top dollar units are on the top floors which have higher ceilings and nice views. The most expensive seemed to be 1bd at $2500, 833sf. All tenants get complimentary membership to LA Fitness across the street. A new eatery/bar is also opening up on the ground floor.
Unassigned Parking is located across the street in the LA Fitness underground parking garage. Not entirely safe for all the metal and punk concerts that occur nightly at the Knitting Factory. No loading area on Hollywood or Sycamore for carrying in groceries. All the windows are original windows and not newer dual paned windows. Hollywood Blvd does get pretty rowdy on the weekends. Especially with two dance clubs across the street. The leasing agent said it was by rule they were required to retain original windows. No rooftop lounge area, which is too bad because the views are breathtaking. Laundry rooms were still work in progress, until completion all tenants have complimentary wash and fold service.[Image of Seventy46 courtesy of CIM Group]