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Ach! New Digital Billboards Proposed For Downtown

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Sprinkle an extra spoonful of Ritalin on your cereal, the ADD is about to get a lot worse. Via the Inbox: "The city council is considering a supplemental use district to allow Clear Channel to erect four 14’ x 48’ digital billboard faces on city property right next to the 10 freeway downtown."

"The photos are from an environmental impact report prepared by the department of public works, where a crane was used to hang a simulated sign in the approximate location of the billboards. The signs would allow digital imagery changing as rapidly as every four seconds, 24 hours a day. The adoption of the supplemental use district, needed because new off-site advertising signs have been banned in the city since 2002, is part of a settlement of a lawsuit brought by Clear Channel against the city when the company was required to remove billboards to make way for the Santa Monica Blvd. improvement project."