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EaterTastings: The (LA Food) Show Must Go On

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[This giant, gaping hole will one day be LA Food Show, serious contender for Worst Restaurant Name Ever]

The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog.

1) We thought between the holidays, the writer's strike and the general malaise of the US economy, the pace of future restaurants might slow slightly. And yet - say hello to Beverly Hills' LA Food Show, Pasadena's Green Street Tavern (now open), and Santa Monica's Cafe R&D.
2) Santa Monica Seafood finds refuge from Hollywood actors in its own cafe. A famous Oscar winner (ok, we won't be coy, it's Tom Hanks) has bought Santa Monica Seafood building and the seafood purveyors are now relocating to their headquarters to their 10th Street Cafe, at least for now.
3) More downtown expansion. Vietnamese cafe Blossom expands into a "semi-joined" space on Main St. Meanwhile, progress stays apace for new cafe The Nickel on 5th.
4) Mode is a mess. The new downtown restaurant's opening sounds like something from the restaurant war episodes on Top Chef. "Closed signs, busy signals at the restaurant, confused servers for the one day it was open, garbage outside." Can you spell F-I-A-S-C-O? Let's hope they get it together, people.
5) Speaking of Top Chef, how good was it to see our old LA peeps on the holiday special? Oh CJ, how we missed you and your one-nut jokes. Nice work with the nutcracker.