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Village at NoHo Loses Costco, 200+ Homes

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A giant proposed North Hollywood project called The Village at NoHo - not to be confused with the two-thirds-built, not-as-giant NoHo Commons or the barely-dreamed-up, much-more-giant NoHo Art Wave - just became slightly more real, but slightly less giant:

Developer J.H. Snyder Co. originally envisioned the $560 million project with more than 1,000 town homes, condos and apartments and a 775,000-square-foot mega-mall... The development will now have 742 residential units, including rentals. A Costco, which would have included a gas station as an anchor for the retail area, also has been removed... The developers instead promise more open space, a weaving waterway with 23 "boathouses," and resurrection of the 60-year-old Valley Plaza mall. Construction at Laurel Canyon and Victory Boulevards is proposed for 2008 to 2012.
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