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Confirmed: Hellmouth Under Torrance

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[Buffy House in Torrance and Sunnydale High aka Torrance High via]

The Daily Breeze reports that a pocket of smelly, possibly combustible, methane has been haunting a neighborhood in the city of Torrance. The methane smell, which so far has not been traced to any leaks from nearby underground pipes, has forced the evacuation of one woman's home. Via the DB:

"Residents of about 100 homes in and around the 2100 block of Del Amo Boulevard, where the evacuated home sits, received leaflets from the city Tuesday evening warning them of the danger. The house was red-tagged Tuesday afternoon." Family members of the evacuated homeowner recall that a nearby house mysteriously exploded 40 years ago. We've long claimed, especially when drunk, that Torrance is the site for the real Hellmouth, the fictional portal to the demon world made popular by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is all the confirmation we needed. Where's our tin hat?!
· Methane discovery scares Torrance neighborhood [Daily Breeze]