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The Catch: Don't They Call This Prostitution?

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The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline here.

What/Where: A "great" family in the Woodland Hills area has a "nice home in a safe neighborhood."
Looks Good, Right?: The family has a "small room off the garage that is fully furnished with a daybed, dresser, table, 36" TV, all the satelite [sic] channels, it's own telephone line, and wireless internet." And the rent is free. Yes, free.
The Catch: We've seen plenty of offers of free rent, and most come with the requirement that the renter work, or, um, play. Rare is the Craigslist post that includes BOTH: "What we would like to find is a similar situation to the one we had for the last year. A female who wants to enjoy free living with no expenses in exchange for handling the housework....Not only will we offer free living with no expenses, but we will also pay you $300 a week so you can save up money. The last girl who was with us for a year saved over $10,000 up during that time." The last girl might also be considered a working girl, if you know what we mean. And we think you do: "we want to find a female who likes the idea of 'adult playtime' with my husband and me. We had that experience with the last two girls who lived with us and it was a lot of fun. I am an ex-model and my husband a succesful [sic] businessman."
· Free room and board + we'll even pay you for housekeeping exchange [Craigslist]