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Avalon Wilshire's Retail; Latest on Little Tokyo's Matsu

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Retail signage has been up for a while, but retailers are a tad slower to move into Avalon Wilshire, the large Wilshire rental building. (Rent check: one-bedrooms start at $1,995 and three-bedrooms start at $5,499 at the development.) A swing-by shows the latest stores/restaurant coming in; at least one space remains covered up with Avalon signage. Yes, the Avalon Bay company and their McDevelopments makes our skin crawl a tad bit, but yeah for street retail. Meanwhile, updated information on Avalon's Matsu project, the forthcoming Little Tokyo development: the project will have 8,500 square feet of retail, 174 units, and have a more "modern" look than Avalon Wilshire, a manager at the company tells us. Construction starts in late spring on Matsu.