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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Java, The Hoff and The Temple of Doom

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We received a variety of answers and commentary regarding Tuesday's questions. Good job everyone. Please email us at with your questions for next week, updates on old questions, comments, tips, and general queries. More digital pictures please!

1) Koreatown: The apparent eviction and now redevelopment of the lot and apartment building at 6th and Hobart is pretty ugly. Lots of discussion in the comments about the Temple next door, which isn't such a nice neighbor. From emailer "J" we received a long missive. Here's the main development news: "Most of the space, after being a public nuisance to neighbors for years, is slated to become luxury condos. As for one parcel, 618 S. Hobart, the Wilshire Boulevard Temple repurchased the lot in late 2006. The building was fully occupied with seniors, working people and a few children. Tenants were evicted under the Ellis Act. One man had lived in the same apartment for 25 years. Others had lived in their homes for 8, 15, 22 years. A few of the tenants managed to stay in the neighborhood - by paying $400 and $500 a month more in rent, or by doing a major downsize. The rest, are now scattered from the Philippines, to Las Vegas, to Eagle Rock, to Long Beach." More info in the comments.

2) Marina Del Rey: First, commenter Scott informs us that our Redwood Lofts rendering is wrong, which is really weird since we didn't even make that graphic. And commenter Mark adds: " understanding, based entirely on second-hand information from another homebuilder, is that stanpac outsourced some of the structural engineering to india (no joke) and has discovered that the load calculations were flawed. it probably can't pass inspection as-is, and tear-down is a distinct possibility..."

3) West Hollywood: The readership has spoken. A new coffee shop that is destined to be mocked by sassy gay WeHoans is moving in near The Abbey at the corner of Santa Monica and Robertson and it is called Java Detour. A reader says the architect for the space is Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.

4) West LA: While commenters seem to disagree on the awesomeness of the Bed, Bath and Beyond, there is confirmation of a Trader Joe's thrown into the mix by commenter Scarlethue: "yes, a new trader joe's is going to replace the old tia juana's restaurant. i work within walking distance so i am excited. but why build one so close to the santa monica location?" That question elicited a discussion about the poor parking at all Trader Joe's, which makes for an excellent What's up with that?? post.

5) Hollywood: Wow! Commenter HH Resident says David Hasselhoff owns the house above the Hollywood Bowl. We have no way of confirming this besides sending Curbed intern Rodrigo to investigate. Do not fail us Rodrigo. No word on the architect behind the home.