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Christmas Present for LA: 100 New Left-Turn Signs

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This morning, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will hold a press conference in North Hollywood to announce the very cutely-named "Right to Turn Left Initiative," a plan to add 100 left-turn arrows to 45 intersections around the city. If all goes well, there'll be less of those terrifying sprints through the fading orange light. And less angry honking! From the Daily News: "No longer will you have to play chicken with oncoming traffic to see if you can make it through the light," said City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, chair of the council's Transportation Committee. The plan, which costs $3 million, will start rolling out January 2 and here's how the lights will be doled out: San Fernando Valley gets 60; the Westside and Central get 12; and South Los Angeles gets 14.
· Mayor to announce plans for more left-turn arrows [Daily News]