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Lawndale's Affection For Concrete Yards Proves Problematic

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Ah, the concrete yard. Nothing prettier. And in Lawndale, it's very popular. But on Monday, in an effort to curb the "sea of gray," the Lawndale City Council voted to "require residents to obtain permits before they add front-yard parking pads, patios or driveways to their property," reports the Daily Breeze's Sandy Mazza. With the new law, 50 percent of a resident's front yard must be covered in greenery before a resident can get approved for "flatwork." The hold-out against the ordinance was Councilman Jim Ramsey, who wants to inspect residents' garages first. "If we cleared out the garages, we wouldn't have a parking problem now," Ramsey said. "Most of the garages in the city are used for anything but cars. ? I won't vote for it."
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