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Storefronting: Time Travel Mart, Tech Gifts, Transit Store!

ECHO PARK: Following opening a Venice outpost, Dave Eggers is bringing his non-profit learning program 826 to 1714 Sunset Blvd. Opening December 15th, 826 will be fronted by the Echo Park Time Travel Mart to lure the kiddies into learning. We hear the store will sell things for all time travelers, such as robot parts and the latest in Elizabethan phrasebooks. Yeah, time travelers! [Inbox]

WESTWOOD: First Living Homes, now W: Wired magazine will pimp it out for anyone. The magazine has launched a temporary kiosk store at the W in Westwood to showcase the latest in high-tech gear and gadgets. [Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: Today is the grand opening celebration of Blue: The Transit Store, located at 223 Broadway. Yes, it's a transit store. Best to hand this confusion off to the presser: "In addition to offering transit fares, the store also features a custom-designed line of earth-friendly products including paper products made of seeds that grow California wildflowers, organic T-shirts and transit-themed merchandise...a collection of special limited edition vintage bus token jewelry..." [InBox]