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Portion Of Venice Box to Be Demolished

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A reader who's been following the story of the illegal Venice box-building, located at 709 5th Street and pictured right, sends us an update on the latest legal wranglings. (Quick refresher: the building owner Mark Baez was busted by Building & Safety for building the box four-feet higher than it was supposed to be.)

Via our inbox we learn that the "3+ story glowing box" went before the City Council at the end of November. After some waffling and whatnot by Council members, "the structure will now need to be demolished (or at least the top floor)" because it is still over-height. Building and Safety and the owner Mark Baez will now face off in court January 9th for "occupying a building without a Certificate of Occupancy, stealing power from the grid with a temporary power pole, renting out 6 units where there are only supposed to be three, and you know building a 34 foot building and calling it 30 feet hoping no one would notice next to single-family homes."
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