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Ask Curbed: How To Remove Your Girlfriend From The Premises

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Ladies, there's about to be another single man on the market. Oh, happy days. Meanwhile, any advice for this dick?

"hi curbed: my gf moved in with me about a year ago. we dated for about eight months and then she moved into my Hywood one-bedroom. here's the thing: I want to break up. but I feel like if I'm the DUMPER, then I'm the one who should move. I promise I'm not being a dick here, but I don't want to move. I only moved into the place about three months before she moved in, so my ownership stake is sorta non-existent. although, yes, it's just my name on the lease so technically I could kick her out. awful, right? but I KNOW she is going to fricking lose it and expect me to move out, even though I found the place and commute-wise, this place is better for me. the only thing in my favor: I am not certain she could carry the rent. I really am not a dick I promise. what about if I help find her a cheaper place? fuck. I am screwed, right? thanks."