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Plans For Verdugo Hills Golf Course Up In Air

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What a nightmare going on with the Verdugo Hills Golf site: Calabasas developer MWH Development owns the 58-acre site, and would like to build 229 homes on 24 acres of the site, reports the News Press. (The whole golf course is located at "a jurisdictional crossroads" near Glendale and unincorporated La Crescenta.) But being opened-minded, and maybe eying the market, the developer is open to selling the property which they purchased for $7.6 million in 2004. So far, some people want the city to buy the golf course, but there's difficulty in not only getting the funds, but knowing the site's worth. Via the News Press: "Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian has said that it would be preemptive for the city to promise funds before the environmental report, which could affect the value of the property, is completed...but waiting for that process to run its course could prove too costly, said Paul Edelman, the conservancy’s deputy director for national resources." According to Edelman, the cost could skyrocket if the golf course does get its entitlement. Meanwhile, community outrage/some support for the proposed development can be seen in the chatter here at the Foothills Forum message board. UPDATE: Plans for minimizing the golf course were dropped; now there will no golf course.
· Golf course in county’s plans [Glendale News-Press]