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Mar Vista Gas Station Regurgitated into Green Luxury Office Condos

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[Pictures of development site and Jack-in-the-Box across the street]

A new luxury office development is promising to remake a crappy corner in Mar Vista into something more presentable. Plus, it includes a sweet reality TV tie in. A reader emails in: "In Mar Vista/Culver City, the corner of Centinela Ave and Washington Place (an old gas station turned auto-repair shop turned "campground" for rusty RVs and homeless people) is being redeveloped into "green" luxury office condos. The developer (none other than Pamela Day of "The Apprentice"!) signaled that the demolition of the existing structure will begin in the next few weeks. On a personal note, my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen windows directly overlook the property. The next year of my life is going to be a noisy, dusty hell as they excavate for an underground parking garage and construct a multi-story building on land the size of a postage stamp." And how "green" is the development? Well, they'll have solar panels... and, solar energy!

[Rendering of Washington Place development]

From the project description: "Washington Place is comprised of three stories of luxury office condominiums above ground-floor, retail storefronts and a subterranean parking garage. This provides the much-need upper-scale retail space that Washington Place so desperately calls for, while utilizing subterranean parking to eliminate unsightly cars. The building will make use of solar-powered energy panels and natural light from a large, center atrium, which will be open to the public."