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Rumblings & Bumblings: Redwood Lofts, West LA's TJs and Development

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This week we ask you to provide information for these five questions generated by five curious readers, like you. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your new questions, answers, comments, tips, and general queries. Answers and pictures will be posted on Thursday.

1) Koreatown: No! Save the parking lot! "What is happening at the SE corner of 6th and Hobart in Koreatown? A construction fence was put around a parking lot and an older apartment building. The apartment building was then demolished pretty quickly."

2) Marina Del Rey: Ha. This is terrible, yet sort of funny. That's the best kind of funny. "Anyone know what is happening with the Redwood Lofts building on Redwood Ave. near Marina Del Rey? Construction stopped shortly after it was discovered that the building was not level. Looking in the windows you can see that almost every unit has sections of the walls torn out to apparently shore up the building with additional supports, but that tear-out was done several months ago and nothing has happened since. Word is that Standard Pacific sold the building to the Olson Company to potentially convert the building into apartments, but I have no idea if that is true or not. Will they wind up having to tear down a brand new building?"

3) West Hollywood: We're guessing it's another gay bar with a straight girl clientele. "Do you guys know what's going up on the corner of Robertson and Santa Monica, next to the Abbey?"

4) West LA: We've never heard a Bed, Bath and Beyond called awesome before. "I was at the new Bed, Bath and Beyond on Olympic (between Bundy and Barrington) in West LA yesterday. The new store is awesome. Sport Chalet is going into the old BBB store. But interestingly, the lot to the east (on North side of Olympic) where Tia Juana’s restaurant is closing and fencing is up. Sign in front says there is 17K square feet available next to Trader Joe’s. Does this mean a new TJ is going in? Is the old one going to stay? What else is getting developed there?"

5) Hollywood: A reader likes a house near the Bowl. "Maybe everyone knows this but me, but who lives in (and who designed) that house on top of the hill that you can see from the Hollywood Bowl? Every time I go there I wonder. It seems like you could hear quite a bit of the music from there."