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Hallelujah! Castle Kashan Owner To Rebuild A Bigger Castle On Malibu Site

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After losing her beloved Castle Kashan in the Corral Canyon fire, Iranian "Princess" Lilly Lawrence (she's not a real princess) will rebuild and is "leaning toward modeling her next home after the style, if not the size, of the Chambord Castle in France," reports the LA Times. Of course, the 440-room Chambord is the largest of the Loire castles and was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, the paper reminds us. Castle Kashan had been on the market for $17 million , but had fallen out of escrow a few weeks before the fire, adds the LA Times. Also: The Malibu Times' Jonathan Friedman has the details on the five men accused of starting the fire; one person may have tried to "stomp out" the blaze, while someone else may have "laughed" and flamed the fire by chucking in a pillow. [Second photo via Flickr user Evenstar 9]
Top photo via Flickr user Evenstar 9

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