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Mystery of Pasadena's Mini-Stonehenge Solved

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We secretly hoped that the stone marker in Pasadena might be a grave site with eleven scary bodies buried beneath (we hadn't contemplated what the 220 and 222 meant, too much thinkin'). However, a poster who sounds official asked a person who would know what the big stone thing was. He emails:

"You posted a while back about a 3' tall concrete marker on PCC property in Pasadena, I work for the City and asked our inspectors about it and this is the response I got: This is a documented historical route 66 marker. It is one of two, I believe, that are left. The 11 means 11 miles to the next marker near L.A. City Hall.

You may have already settled this issue, but just in case, there it is. Our Public Works Dept is working on possibly furnishing a plaque and gravel area around it, but it is on private property."

Thank you for solving this exciting Pasadena mystery. Next.
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